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Amsterdam Undercover

Title: Amsterdam Undercover
Original title: Der Amsterdam - Krimi
Format: 4 x two hours, HD
Starring: Hannes Jaenicke
Alice Dwyer
Fedja van Huêt
Sascha Alexander Geršak
Sven Gerhardt
Raymond Thiry
Gijs Naber
Directed by: Michael Kreindl
Peter Ladkani
Produced by: Zieglerfilm Köln for ARD Degeto
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Risen from the Dead 
Death at the Docks 
The Vanished Child 

Amsterdam Undercover

When a German undercover cop's case leads him to Amsterdam, he soon finds himself investigating the highest levels of organized crime, politics and big business…

Alex has never been big on rules. His work as a German undercover cop taught him: Sometimes, you have to act fast to save lives. While he is good at what he does, he is nevertheless thinking of quitting and settling down.
Then, his last case brings him over the border to Amsterdam. After having spent years infiltrating the drug mafia there, his colleague and lover Katja is close to bring them down. But has she switched sides?
Alex's “unconventional” methods soon oust him from the German police and together with his Dutch colleague and new friend Bram, he has a talent of sticking his nose into the affairs of the ruthless and powerful…