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Amsterdam Undercover

Title: Amsterdam Undercover
Original title: Der Amsterdam - Krimi
Format: 4 x two hours, HD
Starring: Hannes Jaenicke
Alice Dwyer
Fedja van Huêt
Sascha Alexander Geršak
Sven Gerhardt
Raymond Thiry
Gijs Naber
Directed by: Michael Kreindl
Peter Ladkani
Produced by: Zieglerfilm Köln for ARD Degeto
Part 1 
Part 2 

Amsterdam Undercover

Where everybody's got something to hide. Even the cops.

Katja hasn't reported in for months and, against orders, German undercover cop Alex follows her to Amsterdam to find out what's going on. Complicated by the fact she is more than just the colleague he has been training as a covert operative; he's in love with her. A dangerous new designer drug has hit the street and, having spent three years infiltrating the hierarchy of the Amsterdam drug mafia, Katja could finally be in the position to bring it down. But she's dangerously close and emotionally involved and, to make matters worse, suspected of having killed a Dutch police officer – to prove her loyalty to the cartel. Alex is exposed when he confronts her and busted by the Dutch police. Can they collaborate to achieve their common goal? While Katja wins the confidence of the drug lord and makes her way up the ranks – with so much at stake, who can you trust?