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Anatomy of Evil

Title: Anatomy of Evil
Original title: Spuren des Bösen
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Heino Ferch (DOWNFALL)
Nina Proll
Erwin Steinhauer
Stefan Kurt (FOUR MINUTES)
Gerti Drassl
Gerda Drabek
Directed by: Andreas Prochaska (DAY FOR A MIRACLE, ANATOMY OF EVIL)
Produced by: A co-production of Aichholzer Filmproduktion GmbH, ZDF and ORF
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Anatomy of Success: Heino Ferch (DOWNFALL) is police psychologist Richard Brock in this thrilling series of movies Anatomy of Evil, Anatomy of Revenge, Anatomy of Fear, Anatomy of Shame, Anatomy of Surrender and more to come...

Anatomy of Evil

Trust. No. One.

The Vienna police have a new job for police psychologist Richard Brock, a delicate case that Dr. Merz, a high-level official, wants Brock to solve. An employee of a multinational firm was killed just before going on trial for embezzling millions. The money, however, was possibly used as a slush fund for the company. The only witness is the victim's sister, but all she can remember is a scar on the killer's stomach.

Michael Sand, the firm's CEO, boasts excellent connections with the police and the government – and knows Brock very well. A loner who likes to work on his cases alone, Brock is forced to collaborate with the young police inspector Vera – antipathy at first sight. When the witness is put under police protection, only the most trustworthy cops are assigned to the task, since there seems to be an informer in the police force. The operation goes totally haywire, however, when several cops and the witness are shot and killed – apparently by someone who knew them.

Brock suspects that Sand is behind this, but is Sand cold-blooded enough to go on a killing spree to save his name? While watching his back, Brock continues investigating with the only person in the police force he can trust, his reluctant partner Vera. Though Brock himself becomes the target of a smear campaign orchestrated in the press by Sand, he and Vera continue to enjoy the full support of Dr. Merz, who's always up to date about all developments concerning the case...

Winner of three ROMY Awards 2011: for Best Movie, Best Screenplay and Best Movie Photography. Also won the Pluch Award for Best Screenplay.


  • Beta Film’s TV movies keep millions glued to screens in Germany

    Munich, 2 Feb 2012. Beta Film’s latest made-for-TV movies Shadows from the Past and Anatomy of Evil have kept millions of German viewers glued to their TVs.

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