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Brock III - Anatomy of Fear

Title: Brock III - Anatomy of Fear
Original title: Spuren des Bösen III - Zauberberg
Format: two hours, HD
Ulrike Beimpold
Cornelius Obonya
Marie-Lou Sellem
Thomas Stipsits
Gerald Votava
Directed by: Andreas Prochaska (DAY FOR A MIRACLE, ANATOMY OF EVIL)
Produced by: Aichholzer Film for ZDF/ORF funded by RTR and Vienna Film Fund in association with Beta
Anatomy of-Movie Cycle 

Anatomy of Success: Heino Ferch (DOWNFALL) is police psychologist Richard Brock in this thrilling series of movies Anatomy of Evil, Anatomy of Revenge, Anatomy of Fear, Anatomy of Shame, Anatomy of Surrender and more to come...

Brock III - Anatomy of Fear

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A child for a child? In a grisly tale of revenge police psychologist Brock tries to save a little girl's life before her mother will give in to a kidnapper's demands.

An open door, strange noises – without losing a second, Dr. Karin Staller leaps out of bed and races to her daughter's room. The child is gone. Kidnapped. Police psychologist Brock is called on to help the investigators, since he knows the main suspect, Max. A former patient of his, Max already spent several years in jail for having assaulted children. Brock also knows nurse Kramer, who took care of Max after his release and became close to him. As valuable hours elapse and Max is unable to say where the child is, Brock trains his sights on Nurse Kramer – and discovers that she lost her young daughter the previous year in an accident that left the child brain-dead. Dr. Staller had obtained permission from Kramer to transplant the child's healthy organs to clinic patients. But was the nurse aware of what she was agreeing to? In a race against time, Brock must find the child before the appalling ransom is paid...