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Brock II - Anatomy of Revenge

Title: Brock II - Anatomy of Revenge
Original title: Spuren des Bösen - Racheengel
Format: two hours, HD
Friedrich von Thun
Ursula Strauss (MY BEST ENEMY)
Sabrina Reiter
Jürgen Maurer
Directed by: Andreas Prochaska (DAY FOR A MIRACLE, ANATOMY OF EVIL)
Produced by: Aichholzer Film for ZDF/ORF funded by RTR and Vienna Film Fund in association with Beta
Anatomy of-Movie Cycle 
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Anatomy of Success: Heino Ferch (DOWNFALL) is police psychologist Richard Brock in this thrilling series of movies Anatomy of Evil, Anatomy of Revenge, Anatomy of Fear, Anatomy of Shame, Anatomy of Surrender and more to come...

Brock II - Anatomy of Revenge

In a Vienna bookshop, police psychologist Brock and several people are taken hostage by a young high-school teacher named Sebastian, who is fleeing from the police and shoots himself before Brock's eyes. As Brock digs into Sebastian's family, he reveals a tragedy which has been hidden for over 20 years.

Police psychologist Richard Brock is browsing in a Vienna bookshop when a hyper-nervous young man with a gun storms into the shop and takes several people hostage, including Brock. The young man, a high-school teacher named Sebastian, is fleeing from the police. And though Brock tries to calm him, Sebastian shoots himself before Brock's eyes. Profoundly moved by the tragedy, Brock wants to know what drove Sebastian to take his life. As he quietly wades into the murky waters of Sebastian's family, he unrelentingly chips away at the facade of a respectable, tight-knit clan: Sebastian's captivating, enigmatic sister Maria, his business-obsessed father, and his broken, shattered mother. When she cold-bloodedly kills the man she mistakenly holds responsible for her son's death, Brock knows he must go all the way back to Sebastian's childhood and find the reason why Sebastian, at the age of nine, had tried to commit suicide. The truth has been hidden for over 20 years – but its destructive power is stronger than ever...

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