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Brock V - Anatomy of Surrender

Title: Brock V - Anatomy of Surrender
Original title: Spuren des Bösen V - Liebe
Format: two hours, HD
Hary Prinz
Sabrina Reiter
Cordelia Wege
Emily Cox
Cornelia Ivancan
Stefan Pohl
Jürgen Maurer
Gerhard Liebmann
Directed by: Andreas Prochaska (DAY FOR A MIRACLE, ANATOMY OF EVIL)
Produced by: Aichholzer Film for ZDF/ORF funded by Fernsehfonds Austria and Vienna Film Fund in association with Beta
Anatomy of-Movie Cycle 
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Anatomy of Success: Heino Ferch (DOWNFALL) is police psychologist Richard Brock in this thrilling series of movies Anatomy of Evil, Anatomy of Revenge, Anatomy of Fear, Anatomy of Shame, Anatomy of Surrender and more to come...

Brock V - Anatomy of Surrender

A love affair, a dead body and a jealous companion with a weapon. At first glance, Richard Brock's new murder case seems crystal-clear. But when the clever and melancholic police psychologist digs deeper, he enters a dangerous world of conspiracy, mystery and fanatic idealism, and uncovers dark human abysses and secrets.

Granted, to be caught holding a gun next to the blood-covered body of a young woman is incriminating, to say the least. But Klaus, a childhood friend of police psychologist Richard Brock, claims he did not kill the young woman, his girlfriend Lisa. And Brock believes him. By pursuing a lead linking Lisa to a commune of well-to-do young radicals – "Eden" – Brock puts his life on the line to uncover the commune's agenda. Eden appears to exist on its founder's charisma and the funds of a drug-addicted young heir, Konstantin, who was also Lisa's second boyfriend. When Brock finds proof that Lisa was pregnant with Konstantin's child, Eden's complex mesh of relations threatens to spiral out of control. Sensing a calamity in the making, Brock and his police colleagues burst into the commune's living quarters, where they find a scene of quiet, chilling horror.