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Arde Madrid

Title: Arde Madrid
Original title: Arde Madrid
Format: 8 x half hour, HD
Starring: Inma Cuesta
Paco León
Debi Mazar (ENTOURAGE)
Anna Castillo
Julián Villagrán
Ken Appledorn
Directed by: Paco León
Anna R. Costa
Produced by: Movistar
Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 2 
Season 1, Episode 3 

Arde Madrid

Burn Madrid Burn

An incredible, dreamlike place and moment, as if from a movie, where anything can happen:
Ava Gardner leaves her detached house in La Moraleja and moves into an apartment block in Doctor Arce street, where the Perón family, exiled from their country and taken in by Franco, live. For the poor, almost everything is prohibited, and for the rich, almost nothing. In that very year, Antonio Flores is baptized, Hemingway dies, films like El Cid or 55 Days in Peking are shot…
All the splendor going on inside these lofts contrasts sharply with the poverty and paucity of the lives of ordinary citizens of a dictatorship that seems it will last for 2000 years.




  • “Cacciatore - The Hunter” & “Arde Madrid”: Beta’s Series among Variety’s Best International Shows 2018

    Beta's international series Cacciatore - The Hunter (Cross Productions, RAI) and Arde Madrid (Movistar+ original series) are honoured as Variety's Best International Shows 2018.