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Arde Madrid

Title: Arde Madrid
Original title: Arde Madrid
Format: 8 x half hour, HD
Starring: Inma Cuesta
Paco León
Debi Mazar (ENTOURAGE)
Anna Castillo
Julián Villagrán
Ken Appledorn
Directed by: Paco León
Anna R. Costa
Produced by: Movistar+




Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 2 
Season 1, Episode 3 
Season 1, Episode 4 

Arde Madrid

All hell – and loads of fun – break loose when young but prude maid Ana Mari enters the Sodom-and-Gomorrah household of superstar Ava Gardner in Franco's Madrid in 1961.

In Franco's Madrid in the early 1960s, Ana Mari is a loyal, conservative soul who teaches young ladies how to be good housewives and mothers. So when Ana Mari is asked to work at Ava Gardner's to spy on her for the government, she doesn't think twice. There's a catch to the job, though. For one, she and Ava's chauffeur Manolo have to pose as husband and wife. But Manolo is exactly Ana's opposite: a happy-go-lucky wheeler and dealer always trying to make a buck on the side. Plus, Ava's liberal lifestyle is the exact opposite of Ana Mari's own moral code. Thus, Ana Mari is in for quite a ride; whether it's the Hollywood megastar's all-night parties robbing their neighbor, Argentinian dictator Juan Perón, of his cherished sleep, or bringing a wasted Ava back to life after nights danced away with the local Dolce Vita crowd at Madrid's hippest clubs. In all the turmoil, Ana Mari barely notices how she herself is changing and actually beginning to fall for that crazy, lightheaded Manolo!






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