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Atlantic Crossing

Title: Atlantic Crossing
Original title: Atlantic Crossing
Format: 8 x one hour, HD
Starring: Sofia Helin (THE BRIDGE)
Tobias Santelmann (THE LAST KINGDOM))
Harriet Sansom Harris (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES)
Daniel Betts (ALLIED)
Søren Pilmark
Lucy Russell (THE CROWN)
Directed by: Alexander Eik
Produced by: Cinenord in co-production with Beta Film for NRK
Part 1 with greeting from the cast 


Atlantic Crossing

Based on the true story of Norwegian Crown Princess Martha, who fights to save her country, ATLANTIC CROSSING offers a unique and never-before-seen perspective on the tragic events of World War II. Starring two-time Emmy® nominee Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) and Sofia Helin (The Bridge).

When the Nazis invade her country, the Norwegian Crown Princess Martha makes a narrow escape and seeks refuge in the United States. Soon, she develops a close relationship with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which turns into deep affection. Martha tries hard to convince him to help save her country and Europe from the Nazis. But Roosevelt does not want to alienate his voters, who are strongly opposed to being drawn into the war. Martha realizes she must step out of her overprotected way of life and influence the public. ATLANTIC CROSSING sheds light on life behind the walls of the White House and on the unconventional marriage of Franklin and Eleonor, which had been subject to countless rumors.


Press Quotes

“I also used Princess Diana also as a role model for Märtha. […] I watched them both and saw how much alike they behaved, how they related to the camera, that shyness combined with humor and deep compassion. One could say that Märtha was an early version of Lady Diana in the sense that she didn't care about royal rules.”
(SOFIA HELIN about her role as Princess Märtha)

“With its sets lovingly designed down to the last detail, the eight-parter ‘Atlantic Crossing' is kind of like ‘The Crown' with a Nordic twist”
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    Kyle MacLachlan plays Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Sonia Helin stars as Crown Princess Marta in the series.

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