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Big Ben

Title: Big Ben
Original title: Der Bulle von Tölz
Format: 52 x two hours
Starring: Ottfried Fischer
Katharina Jacob,
Ruth Drexel
Directed by:
Produced by: Produced by Alexander-Film for Sat.1 in association with Beta

Big Ben

Always an audience favorite on German-speaking TV!

Even a small town can have big crimes. To solve them, you need Benno, the biggest cop of all.

This beautiful Bavarian town looks so peaceful you'd never think it would need a police department. But just scratch its postcard-pretty surface, and you'll find crime and corruption of huge proportions.
Cracking these crimes is a job for a big cop – Benno. Inspector Benno has two passions: justice and food. His mom, whom he lives with, makes sure he eats enough, but he just wishes she'd stop experimenting with dietary horrors like tofu and get back to the basics, like pork chops and dumplings.
Worse yet is her meddling – in his cases and in his underdeveloped love life. Benno's colleague Sabrina is the exact opposite of him: slender, agile, city-raised and female. She may never feel at home digging for clues in a barn, but she's got guts - and more than enough charm to get what she wants from the locals.