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Big Bones

Title: Big Bones
Original title: Big Bones
Format: 8 x one hour, HD
Starring: N.N.
Directed by: N.N.
Showrunner: David Schalko (BRAUNSCHLAG, OLD MONEY)
Produced by: Superfilm and Satel Film

Big Bones

Based on the bestseller SCHWERE KNOCHEN by David Schalko

Big Bones' central figures are a group of friends, who struggle to get by as thieves and robbers. Caught by the Nazis, they end up in a concentration camp where they soon rise to the post of overseers, the henchmen of the guards. The four become experts in brutality and build a network for when the war is over. During occupation and the Cold War, they establish a monopoly of crime, dividing up Vienna between themselves just as the Allies have done.


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