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Boo Boom

Title: Boo Boom
Original title: Boo Boom
Format: 26 x 26 minutes, HD
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Maurizio Forestieri
Produced by: Graphilm and Rai Fiction




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Boo Boom

A special group of animals team up to help a lost little boy reunite with his parents.

A little boy gets separated from his parents when he tumbles off a truck in a convoy of fugitives during an air raid. Luckily for him, he's not the only one who has been left behind in the abandoned countryside. He is soon joined by an unlikely group of animals: the Sicilian horse Boldsteed, who has a very generous heart, Jack, an American military dog, Aurelia, a Roman cat with a talent for getting out of sticky situations, and Christopher, a long-winded rooster from Tuscany. The animals decide to take the little boy - whom they call Boo Boom as that is the only thing he ever says - under their wing and help him find his parents. Their journey is full of unforeseen challenges, which they tackle in their very own, unconventional manner. Told from a child's perspective, this light-hearted and often comical series set in war-torn Italy in 1944 shows how magical friendship can be.