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Broll - Buried Alive

Title: Broll - Buried Alive
Original title: Broll – Für immer tot
Format: two hours
Starring: Laurence Rupp (BARBARIANS)
Bettina Redlich
Directed by: Harald Sicheritz
Produced by: Aichholzer Filmproduktion for ORF and ZDF

Broll - Buried Alive

Gravedigger Max Broll and retired soccer star Baroni team up to find Max's stepmother, the local police commissioner, who has been abducted and buried alive in the woods.

It is nothing but darkness around police commissioner Tilda and she has no idea where she is. Beside her, two bottles of juice and her cell phone – the only connection to the outside world. She calls her stepson, gravedigger Max Broll, and tells him that a man broke into her home, overpowered her, put her in a box and buried her somewhere in the woods. She remembers exactly who it was: Leopold Wagner, known as the “baby maker”, whom she sent to prison eighteen years ago. The police maintain it could not have been him – he is still behind bars. Only Max believes her. He is determined to find her, whatever it takes. While the police try to locate the cell phone and systematically comb the area, Broll and his friend Baroni use less conventional methods to force the truth out of Wagner. The clock is ticking – Tilda won't survive more than 48 hours underground…