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Barcelona Crime

Title: Barcelona Crime
Original title: Barcelona-Krimi
Format: 4 x two hours, HD
Starring: Clemens Schick (JAMES BOND 007 - CASINO ROYALE)
Tara Fischer
Tom Keune
Anton Weil
Carlo Felice Audrines
Luka Peros
Christian Stamm (GRAND HOTEL)
Directed by: Jochen Alexander Freydank (TOYLAND)
Produced by: Dreamtool Entertainment for ARD Degeto
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 

Barcelona Crime

A sunny backdrop for dark intentions.

With its expert and attractive crime squad run by Xavi Bonet and his charming partner Fina Valent, Barcelona can truly be proud of its homicide team: Xavi, independent, impulsive, enigmatic, with a well-functioning network of contacts on the city's dark side; and Fina, a single mother and self-confident beauty. They're never far behind the plotters and schemers who prefer to do their dark dealings after sunset. Their cases take them throughout the Catalan metropolis – out to its suburbs and deep into the heart of the medieval city. With puzzling mysteries waiting to be solved, such as the student who died of poisoning and left just about no clues and even more murders imminent, Xavi and Fina have lots to do before this and other crimes are mercilessly stopped.


  • Five million premiere guests for BARCELONA CRIME

    After being presented at MIPCOM, the movie cycle Barcelona Crime (4 hours) celebrated its premiere last night on broadcaster ARD...