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Charles IV - The Price Of Power

Title: Charles IV - The Price Of Power
Original title: Hlas pro rímského krále
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Kryštof Hádek
Stanislav Majer
Petr Jeništa
Tereza Voríšková
Marián Geišberg
Norbert Lichý
Luboš Veselý
Jan Plouhar
Directed by: Krístek Václav
Produced by: Czech TV
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Charles IV - The Price Of Power

A Historical Drama about the famous Luxembourg monarch, celebrating the 700th anniversary of his birth in 2016.

June 1346: The prince-electors of the Holy Roman Empire meet at Rhens to elect the Roman King. The rivalling candidates are Louis IV, the Bavarian, and Charles, the King of Bohemia. Watching the prince-electors debating from afar, Charles' minds wanders back in time…
Charles' father, John of Bohemia, the Count of Luxemburg, is popular everywhere except for his own country. The Czech aristocrats oppose John, who rose to the throne only by marriage to Elizabeth of Bohemia. Elizabeth needs John to put an end to the schemes of the princes, but John joins forces with them. When Elizabeth starts an uprising against her husband, John exiles her to Melník Castle. Charles is never to see his mother again, raised at the French court and gets married to Blanche of Valois at the age of seven. Following his father's orders, Charles has to win back rebellious Italian cities for the Pope. And finally, he emancipates himself from his strict father and returns to Bohemia.
Pope Clement VI strictly opposes the election of Louis who has been excommunicated. Following the Pope's demands, some of the princes side with Charles. John of Bohemia arrives late in Rhens. Although an alliance between father and son seems unlikely, they have a secret agreement: John has lost the Czech crown to Louis but if Charles becomes Roman King, he could win the crown back….