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Cheating Fate

Title: Cheating Fate
Original title: Cheating Fate
Format: two hours
Beau Starr
Directed by: Penelope Buitenhuis
Produced by: Front Street Pictures
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Cheating Fate

A beautiful widow finds a mysterious music box that might hold the key to getting her family backā€¦or driving her insane.

Anne Malone is a modern woman juggling the demands of family and career. Her happy life is shattered when her husband Neil and daughter Chloe are both killed in a car crash. Anne blames herself because she had promised to be with them, but stayed behind to work instead. Sick with grief, even her best friend Susan can't comfort her. When an aunt she never knew dies and leaves her a rustic country house, Anne jumps at the chance to leave the city and its painful memories behind.

But she is about to discover that her aunt's country house has a past of its own. While cleaning her aunt's bedroom, she finds an antique music box sealed behind a wall. It's haunting music almost seems to fill the empty house. Soon strange things begin to happen. Her friend Susan comes up for a visit and vanishes without a trace, she receives a phone call from her dead husband, and she's awakened by a haunting vision of Chloe. She learns from a mysterious local that her aunt had gone crazy seeing things that no one else saw. He tells her that the music box unlocks a door to a parallel time where everything that might have been is possible, but where you can get lost forever. He warns her to destroy it before it destroys her.

Desperate for a chance to make things right and get her family back, Anne puts her sanity on the line and opens the music box again. She enters a strange realm where everything is familiar, but nothing is at all like she remembered it. Neil is alive but they're marriage is over, her best friend Susan has been dead since college, and her once friendly neighbor Mac Walker is a psycho killer closing in on her and Chloe. Now she must fight to survive this new reality, or risk losing everything she loves for the very last time.