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Cheeky Girls

Title: Cheeky Girls
Original title: Freche Mädchen 2
Format: 1 x 90 minutes, HD
Starring: Emilia Schüle (KU'DAMM 63, NARCISSUS AND GOLDMUND)
Selina Shirin Müller
Henriette Nagel
Armin Rohde (CONTAGION)
Barbara Schöneberger
Directed by: Ute Wieland
Produced by: collina filmproduktion GmbH in co-production with Constantin Film Produktion GmbH
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Cheeky Girls

True-to-life characters and a spectacular scenery. A coming-of-age story based upon a series of best selling novels.

The big city girls Mila, Kati and Hanna go on a camp at a remote hut in the Alps to rehearse with the school choir. They are above timber line, they are stuck in a dead spot – and there is an outhouse! But this is nothing compared to the emotional turmoil the girls find themselves in. Mila‘s boyfriend Markus stays at his family‘s dude ranch - where he is sure to run into Vanessa. To Mila‘s dismay he even admits that he finds the stupid cow most attractive! Luckily, Antony turns out to be a true friend to Mila - or maybe even more than that.
Kati is invited to a photo shooting in Munich. She turns out to be very resourceful when it comes to sneaking off, but it is only thanks to fellow model Robert that she is back at the camp in time. Too bad that her boyfriend Toby watches their goodbye embrace and, after some consideration, dumps Kati just when she becomes aware that, after all, Toby is her Mr. Right. When the girls return home, Hanna‘s boyfriend Branco is determined to boost her career as a singer. Only that his idea of how she should perform does not match hers.
After yet another quarrel at the studio, Hanna has had enough of it. When Markus finds out that Antony and his band are rehearsing a song with Mila‘s lyrics, the two rivals end up brawling on the ground. Mila runs off, only to join forces with her friends Kati and Hanna. No matter what a mess their love lives might be - the three girls will always be inseparable. And maybe their love lives might even take new turns before the term comes to an end.