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Christmas In Nowhere

Title: Christmas In Nowhere
Original title: The Town that Christmas forgot
Format: two hours
Starring: Lauren Holly (NAVY CIS, DUMB AND DUMBER)
Rick Roberts
Azer Greco
Torri Webster
Directed by: John Bradshaw
Produced by: Produced by Chesler/Perlmutter for Hallmark Channel US in association with Beta
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Christmas In Nowhere

The town that Santa forgot

Just a few days before Christmas, Annie and Charles Benson hit the road for a holiday ski trip with their kids Trish and Nolan. It's no big thing for the well-to-do family, since money lets them do pretty much whatever they want. But even if the family is together, it is hardly “together”... Mom's trying to make a multi-million dollar deal on her cell phone, and adolescent diva Trish is in her own iPod world. When the car breaks down in the midst of a snowstorm, and there's no cell-phone reception, they end up stuck in the backwater town of Nowhere, where they have to spend a couple days before the spare parts can be delivered.

They discover a town that's been dying since the coal mine closed down, a town without hope. Yet in spite of the general depression that reigns in Nowhere, café owner Samantha is organizing a Christmas Eve pageant and enlists the aid of Annie, who's initially reluctant but then happy to teach the local housewives some dance steps. Trish drops her attitude to coach a rocky rock combo. Charles saves the life of the local auto mechanic. And Nolan rounds up a Santa Claus for the pageant. With no outside distractions, the family learns that a simple life may be the better life, and that helping others is perhaps the greatest Christmas gift of all.