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Christmas on the Runway

Title: Christmas on the Runway
Original title: Und wenn das fünfte Lichtlein brennt
Format: two hours
Starring: Henning Baum
Jan Henrik Stahlberg
Meike Droste
Michael Lott
Elena Uhlig
Max von Pufendorf
Directed by: Stefan Bühling
Produced by: Bantry Bay for ARD Degeto

Christmas on the Runway

When all passengers are grounded on Christmas Eve, airport Santa Thorsten has to prove he is not just there for decorative purposes only…

Christmas Eve. Airport Santa Thorsten has his hands full: An accident and bad weather lock everyone in as they are trying to make it home last minute! Small dramas play out under the eyes of Thorsten's tyrannical boss, the airport manager: Secret lovers Martin and Eva are in a tight spot, when Martin's family shows up. A retired couple can't spend Christmas with their loved ones. Waitress Anja's boyfriend suddenly falls for her old school mate. Helicopter mom Jette keeps fighting with her husband, when her son runs away. In the middle of it all is Thorsten, and it's his job to keep them all happy. But that's what Santas are made for!