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Clarissa's Secret

Title: Clarissa's Secret
Original title: Löwenstein
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Katja Riemann (SUCK ME SHAKESPEER)
Paula Kalenberg
Friedrich von Thun
Directed by: Xaver Schwarzenberger
Produced by: Zoela Film and epo-film in coproduction with ARD Degeto and ORF in association with Beta

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Clarissa's Secret

Africa is her home. Europe is her birthplace. Her past is a mystery...

Stella is 18, lively, pretty, the joy of her single mother's heart. Growing up on a safari lodge in South Africa, Stella has matured into a self-confident, resourceful young woman. Yet she longs to discover the world and wonders why her mother won't let her to go to Europe and meet her family, about whom she's never uttered a word. When Clarissa dies in a car accident, Stella learns that her mother had been hiding many things from her. Just before the accident, Clarissa had been contacted by Carlo, an investigative journalist who was once in love with her. It seems that Clarissa had then booked a flight to Vienna... Bewildered by all these discoveries, Stella flies to Austria to meet her family, the Löwentals, and to uncover the mystery of her origins.

The Löwentals, it turns out, are an ancient, once noble family headed by the autocratic but progressively feeble hand of patriarch Albert, who lives with his extended family in a castle in the Austrian countryside. Stella's heart falters when she meets Albert's daughter Charlotte Löwental, the identical twin of her mother Clarissa. Charlotte fills Stella in about the colorful family, a collection of spiteful, greedy, snobbish, and corrupt individuals. No wonder her mother fled to South Africa, reflects Stella as she begins to realize why Clarissa was returning home: Carlo is on the trail of a particularly corrupt Löwental who is illegally importing diamonds from South Africa. But he still needs rock-solid proof, and had hoped to obtain it from Clarissa. Stella agrees to help him – a courageous decision that could bring down her new-found family, just as she learns who her father really is...