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Title: Committed
Original title: Committed
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Andrea Roth (BLUE BLOODS)
Linda Thorson (THE AVENGERS)
Directed by: Norma Bailey
Produced by: Lifetime Networks and Screen Door Productions in association with The Movie Network and Beta
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You will never leave again

After the death of her fiancé Paul in an accident, psychotherapist Dr. Celeste Dupont feels the need to make a clean break with the past, and takes on a new job at the Milburn Institute in upstate New York. The mental asylum is run by Dr. Quilley, who refers to his patients as “guests” and follows the principle “You are who you think you are.” It is only after Celeste notices that she is being treated as a “guest” and not as a doctor that she realizes there is no cell-phone reception at Milburn, and that the home is surrounded by a high, electrified fence…

Celeste is to be treated by Dr. Desmond Moore, a charming, engaging man who almost succeeds in convincing Celeste to accept her situation as a patient. After all, he says, the fact that she forgot all the details about her fiancé's death is indicative that she still has certain issues to solve. Paul did not die in accident, he says, presenting her with a newspaper clipping reporting Paul's death … by suicide. Meanwhile, one of Celeste's favorite patients, the grande dame and child murderess Isadora, tells Celeste a secret: Quilley is an impostor. The real Quilley was murdered and buried in the cellar.

When Celeste starts her own investigations, she seems to find Isadora's theory confirmed. Desmond talks her out of seeking the help of the police, revealing that she actually murdered her fiancé, which is the real reason why she is at Milburn. Before she can begin to lose her mind, Celeste learns that both Quilley and Desmond, along with the other staff members, are all certifiable psychotics – and murderers…

Starring Andrea Roth (Blue Bloods), Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives, Sentinel) and Linda Thorson (The Avengers)