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Doyle P.I.

Title: Doyle P.I.
Original title: Republic of Doyle
Format: 77 x one hour, HD
Starring: Allan Hawco
Sean McGinley
Lynda Boyd
Rachel Wilson
Directed by: Mike Clattenburg
Produced by: Take The Shot Production


Season 1-2 
Season 3-4 


Season 1, Episode 7 
Season 2, Episode 2 
Season 2, Episode 5 
Season 3, Episode 1 

Doyle P.I.

"Republic of Doyle": low-violence, action-packed investigations complemented by the love affairs, betrayals and family fights among the Doyles themselves. It's the cool vibe school of investigation!

Careerwise, it's definitely "like father, like son" in the Doyle clan: both dad Malachy and son Jake once were cops, and now they're a pair of private investigators. Their cases run the gamut from cheating spouses to runaway teens, bank robberies to fatal arson, manslaughter and homicide.

A father-and-son team could spell conflict, but Jake's actually lucky to be around his dad so much, since this level-headed, working-class hero makes sure his brood – especially son Jake – doesn't get out of hand. It's an uphill battle, though, since Jake seems to attract trouble. It usually starts with that extra beer or whisky, leads to heavy flirting with the wrong woman and ends in a brawl with the woman's husband/lover/pimp. Jake's a rogue, no doubt about it, but a lovable one who can make any woman weak in the knees with his heartbreaking sad-puppy look.

Jake's emotional life is like a ping-pong ball bouncing between his ex-wife Nikki, a volatile ER doctor who's as likely to plant a passionate kiss on Jake's lips as to kick him in the balls, and Constable Leslie Bennett, ambitious, sharp, on the rise, and determined to keep Jake out of her business and her life – which she's not too successful at. Also part of the Doyle clan are quick-witted, fast-talking Rose, Malachy's tough-as-nails girlfriend; Malachy's granddaughter Tinny, an impetuous and barely controllable teen; and Des, a charming young misfit who fits right into the Doyle clan.

Set in the Canadian port city of St. John's, Newfoundland, and its spectacularly rugged surroundings, "Republic of Doyle" is a drama series with a cool vibe. Its low-violence but action-packed investigations are complemented by the love affairs, betrayals, reconciliations and family fights among the Doyles themselves. It's a compelling, modern homage to the Magnum and Columbo school of investigation!


  • 'Republic of Doyle' goes into 2nd season

    Munich, 1 March 2010. CBC’s crime series Republic of Doyle has been greenlighted for its second season. The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. renewed the Newfoundland-based detective show, and will air twelve new episodes at its 9 pm primetime slot.