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False Freedom

Title: False Freedom
Original title: Frei
Format: two hours, HD
Julie Engelbrecht
Gwendolyn Göbel
Johannes Silberschneider
Volker Ranisch
Bernd Fischerauer
Hans Holbein
Directed by: Bernd Fischerauer
Produced by: Tellux-Film for ARD-alpha
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False Freedom

1945. When high-ranking Nazi Viktor's wife dies, he needs someone to take care of his daughter. Why not Eva, an Auschwitz survivor? The trio looks forward to a new life in Argentina, but the past refuses to lie still...

Late 1945. While many emigrés – especially Jews and Socialists – begin returning to Germany and their various native countries, others are desperate to reach the shores of Perón's dictatorial Argentina. These are the men and women who still believe in the Third Reich and would be loyal to the Führer to this day. One of these men is an unrepentant high-ranking Nazi, SS Obersturmbannführer Viktor Voss, who arrives home just as his wife breathes her last. Since he now needs a mother for his young daughter Emma, he – pragmatically – turns his efforts to saving Eva, a young Jewish woman and gifted pianist who survived Auschwitz. The trio looks forward to a new life in Buenos Aires. But the past refuses to lie still, and both Voss and Eva are unable to escape the horrors that have scarred both of them forever...