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Fariña – Cocaine Coast

Title: Fariña – Cocaine Coast
Original title: Fariña
Format: 10 x one hour, HD
Starring: Javier Rey (VELVET)
Marta Larralde (GRAN HOTEL)
Manuel Lourenzo
Mela Casal
Isabel Naveira
Cristina Iglesias
Directed by: Carlos Sedes
Jorge Torregrosa
Produced by: Bambú Producciones for Atresmedia
Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 2 
Season 1, Episode 3 

Fariña – Cocaine Coast

The new series by the makers of „Grand Hotel“ and „Under Suspicion“
Based on true events and characters

Galicia, Spain, in the 1980s. Life is slow and simple and the weather rough on the northern Spanish coast where most locals struggle to make a living. Sito Miñanco is one of them, but different. Neither shunning trouble with the police, his family or local “godfather” Terito, the young fisherman is willing to put his life on the line to get ahead. Against all odds, Sito's determination and cunning eventually get him a seat at the table of Terito's cigarette smuggling cooperative. But while the other clan members choose to hold still, Sito soon finds himself trafficking cocaine for Panamanian Ballesteros and a Colombian drug cartel and in the midst of a steaming affair with the beautiful Panamanian Odalys. Now a top-notch narco, Sito must face estrangement and separation from his wife Rosa, the visceral rage of unified mothers of local cocaine addicts and, above all, tenacious local cop Dario Costa and federal investigator Baltazar Garzon who can't wait to bring him down.

„A Spanish story nobody ever told. A unique story, written with a novel's prose, but beware : this is all true”.
Roberto Saviano about the novel Fariña.




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