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Fennel Vennel 19

Title: Fennel Vennel 19
Original title: Ringelgasse 19
Format: 26 x 7 min
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Andreas Strozyk
Produced by: A MotionWorks production in co-production with Westdeutscher Rundfunk
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Fennel Vennel 19

Things are never boring ar Fennel Vennel 19 with this boisterous group of adorable kids.

In the small town of Cheselweck there are seven bus routes and one tram, a museum with a dinosaur, a castle ruin with a great view but no ghosts, and a biscuit factory. Fennel Vennel 19 is an apartment building on the outskirts of town where lots of children live.

Seven-year-old Willy lives on the ground floor with his parents. His mom is always secretly slipping him candy so the other kids will like him. But the other kids already do like him, so he gets to eat all the candy himself. Pipa is six years old and very shy; she always blushes when the other kids look at her. She lives on the first floor with her mom, right next door to the widow Pondicherry, who has a poodle, a tomcat, a budgie and even a tortoise. The four Akrassimowitsch kids are all musicians, just like their parents. Tanya and Tonya are ten-year-old twins who don't look alike at all, but make up for it by wearing identical clothes. Gangly Tomek lives on the third floor with his parents and sister Sarah, who's only three and absolutely adores her older brother.

Together, they have bundles of fun and exhilarating adventures; they save cats from trees, get rescued by the fire department, learn about flying in airplanes, play summer in the wintertime and even find lost money. With so many lively imaginations, things are never boring at Fennel Vennel 19.