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Title: Fireball
Original title: Fireball
Format: two hours
Starring: Ian Somerhalder (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, LOST)
Aleks Paunovic
Directed by: K.T. Donaldson
Produced by: Produced by Front Street Pictures and Fire Road Productions in association with Sci Fi Channel USA and Beta
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Unleash the fury within

Young and single, Ava Williams is an expert fire inspector who never met a blaze she couldn't solve. Following in the footsteps of her beloved father, Ava thinks she's seen everything. But after a mysterious fire rips through the local jail, she finds herself heading up the investigation from hell with an unlikely ally. At the still smoking ruins of the fire, she meets cocky Federal Investigator Lee Cooper who is there to take one of the inmates into custody. The fire has nearly killed bad-boy celebrity Tyler "The Fuse" Draven. A chronic abuser of experimental sports drugs, Draven was in jail for assaulting a news crew and violating his parole.

Blowing up a car along the way, Draven escapes from the hospital. Agent Cooper tries to track him down, while Inspector Williams is left to contend with a mysterious series of fires and deadly fireballs that befall the community. As Ava uncovers shocking clues, she struggles to convince Lee that they have an extraordinary case on their hands - Draven is behind the fires, wrecking revenge on those who have wronged him. With time running out, the two investigators must put their differences aside and come up with a plan to stop Dravens murderous rampage before he reaches the nuclear power plant. But they're about to discover that the only way to stop a monstrous madman bent on total destruction is to fight fire with fire.

Starring Lexa Doig (Stargate, Andromeda and Eureka) and Ian Somerhalder (Lost and CSI).