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For Heaven's Sake - It's Christmas

Title: For Heaven's Sake - It's Christmas
Original title: Um Himmels Willen - Weihnachten in Kaltenthal
Format: two hours
Starring: Janina Hartwig
Fritz Wepper
Rosel Zech
Directed by: Ulrich König
Produced by: Produced by ndF for ARD Degeto in association with Beta

For Heaven's Sake - It's Christmas

And they thought they were going to Rome just to see the Pope

It's just two days before Christmas and Mayor Wöller is ecstatic over his invitation for an audience with the Pope in the Holy City. Not wanting to go alone, he hustles the impetuous Sister Hanna with the help of a tidy donation into sneaking away from her duties at the convent to accompany him.

They are dazzled by the festive sights of Rome, but are floored to learn that the "audience with the Pope" means to be IN the audience, with over 300 other faithful pilgrims. To make matters worse, Hanna's Reverend Mother has discovered that she's flown the coop and wants her back immediately. That's going to take some heavenly assistance, because Rome is suddenly paralyzed by a massive transportation strike.

Fueled by little more than Hanna's prayers, their crazy trip back sees them overcoming one disaster after another. After taking under their wing the pregnant and distraught Laura, they finally putt-putt into town in a tiny three-wheeler. Hanna, overjoyed to discover the Christmas miracles that await them, realizes that the Lord works in strange ways indeed...