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For Heaven's Sake

Title: For Heaven's Sake
Original title: Um Himmels Willen (Total)
Format: 268 x one hour, HD
Starring: Jutta Speidel
Fritz Wepper
Janina Hartwig
Rosel Zech
Directed by: Uli Stark
Produced by: ndf for ARD Degeto
Season 14, Episode 10 
Season 14, Episode 12 

For Heaven's Sake

And they thought they were going to Rome just to see the Pope

Sister Lotte is giving and forgiving, she is a believer, a well-meaner, a planner and a carer for her fellow humans. And "though" she is a nun, she is a woman. Mayor Woeller instead couldn't care less if anyone needs his help (at least on the outside). What he wants is to help himself – to (more) power, to fortune and fame, and to getting ahead. A constant schemer, those obstinate nuns - with Lotte forever in the front row - always seem to be getting in his way in the wrong place at the wrong time. For what he fails to realize is that, when it comes to scheming and scamming, sister Lotte is usually second to none!