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Foxter & Max

Title: Foxter & Max
Original title: Foxter & Max
Format: 1 x 90 minutes, HD
Starring: Bohdan Kozii
Vitaliia Turchyn
Tomasz Oswiecinski
Maksym Samchyk
Roman Halaimov
Directed by: Anatoliy Mateshko
Produced by: Pronto Film
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Foxter & Max

When twelve-year-old Max's graffiti unexpectedly comes to live and turns into a super-powered dog, not only do his wildest dreams come true – but he also has to run from dangerous criminals who want the technology for themselves.

12-year-old Max has a rough time. Without friends at school, he is bullied, and Sonia, the girl he likes, doesn't seem to know he even exists. But then everything changes when one day, he finds a mysterious spray can and the dog he paints with it comes to life! Foxter is a super-powered dog made of nanobots, who teaches Max to be cool and to stand up to his bullies. He even helps him getting Sonia's attention. Yet soon, both will need all of Foxter's wit and powers to run from dangerous criminals who are after the high-tech dog for themselves.