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Frozen Impact

Title: Frozen Impact
Original title: Frozen Impact
Format: two hours
Stacy Keach
Directed by: Neil Kinsella
Produced by: Edgewood Entertainment
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Frozen Impact

Nature's Fury Unleashed

Violent storm clouds engulf the skies above the Green Mountain Range of Vermont. Baseball-sized hail rains down on a campsite, ripping apart a trailer and killing two unsuspecting hunters. But the storm is only beginning to build…

In nearby Rutland, tension is building within the Blanchard household. The family anxiously awaits word on a donor for 12-year-old Jason (Myles Jeffrey), who desperately needs a new liver. His father Dan (Ted McGinley), an emergency dispatcher, and Christy (Linda Purl), a doctor at the local hospital, are overprotective of their children. They won't allow Jason to perform a magic show at a used-car auction or sister Marie (Nicole Paggi) to mountain climb with her friends. Dan has a change of heart and, unbeknownst to his wife, permits his children to go–unaware of the raging tempest about to set in.

At the hospital, Christy hears that a liver donor has been located and the organ is on a plane heading for town. When the hailstorm sends the plane blasting into the mountainside, Dan arrives on the scene and, with the help of a paramedic who survived the crash, locates the cooler containing his son's liver. Yet it is only a matter of hours before Dan must deliver the organ and his son for the operation to be successful.

The hailstorm hits the mountainside where Marie and her friends are climbing. After narrowly escaping death, Marie and her father desperately search for Jason amidst a town ravaged by the effects of the unrelenting storm. Meanwhile, Jason lies trapped at the used-car auction, his liver further damaged when a trailer nearly collapses on top of him.

When Dan and Marie eventually locate the ailing Jason, they bravely race against the clock and harsh elements to get to the hospital with hopes that Christy can perform Jason's operation in time to save his life.