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Game On!

Title: Game On!
Original title: Game On!
Format: 26 x 24 minutes, HD
Starring: Beau Rich
Kirk Bonacci
John Bateman
Kim Garcia
Daniel Baldock
Erynne Bowers
Nadine Avola
Jeremy Kaminsky
Directed by: Jaime Velez Soto
Produced by: Brave Film for Disney Channel Italy and RAI
Season 1, Epsiode 4 
Season 1, Epsiode 15 
Season 1, Epsiode 16 

Game On!

To do:
1) Create the best game in the world.
2) Re-invent an empire.
3) Grow up.

Zac Bushnell is only 16, but he's already invented an app in his garage that's sold millions. True, he didn't make a cent with it, but he did get noticed by Doug, a 40-year-old IT guru who shares Steve Job's visionary spirit and passion for turtleneck sweaters. He created his empire, Sunomy Corp., on the basis of the genius and inspiration of the games division when he, too, was 16 – back when “nerds were real nerds.” He feels that history is repeating itself with Zac, and names him head of the games division in the hope of bringing Sunomy back to its past glory. Zac moves to New York where he's confronted by new responsibilities, lazy coworkers and 12-year-old boys trapped in 25-year-old bodies. It's a reality bigger than his garage and definitely more crowded. He deals with it as if he were part of a game, constantly trying to pass to the next level, which could be winning the heart of Lara, the boss's beautiful daughter, or inventing the best games that Sunomy Corp. has ever created. But part of his game also involves coming to terms with his new life...