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German Moon

Title: German Moon
Original title: German Moon
Format: 8 x one hour, HD
Starring: N.N.
Directed by: N.N.
Produced by: Beta Film, Wildside, Zeitsprung Pictures

German Moon

It's the year 1950, when sleepy rural Huntsville, Alabama, was overwhelmed by a wave of immigration: A convoy of busses with 118 German families on board cross the Tennessee River. Most of them don't speak English. The Germans, part of the technological elite of the fallen Nazi regime, are supposed to build ballistic missiles for the US army – under the supervision of the CIA.
They are outsiders trying to adjust to a foreign culture and servants of a demanding administration, who are giving them an opportunity to shed their past in exchange of their invaluable knowledge.
But Wernher von Braun and his scientists have different plans: instead of building missiles they plan secretly the first manned misson to the moon.


  • Beta Film, Wildside and Zeitsprung on their way to “German Moon”