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Title: Heidi
Original title: Heidi
Format: 1 x 75 minutes
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Albert Hanan Kaminski
Produced by:


Heidi is five when she is sent to live with her grandfather in his lonely hut high in the Alps. She quickly grows to love her carefree new life with him in the mountain air, and the old man comes to love her too. But always lucky times have a break.

Heidi is an orphan. She grows up with her grandfather on alpine pastures. Against her will she is taken from this poor, but happy idyll in the mountains to a wealthy family in Frankfurt. There she is supposed to become the playmate of an entrepreneur's lame daughter.

Although Heidi and Klara soon become friends, Heidi is drawn back to her homeland. When klara is finally able to visit Heidi in her alpine surroundings she becomes acquainted with a world she no longer wishes to leave. She gains so much strength and courage to face life that in the end she can even overcome her infantile paralysis.