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Hitched for the Holidays

Title: Hitched for the Holidays
Original title: Hitched for the Holidays
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Joey Lawrence
Joseph Lawrence
Emily Hampshire
Linda Darlow
Serge Houde
L. Harvey Gold
Rob LaBelle
Marilu Henner (THE GLADES)
Directed by: Michael M. Scott
Produced by: Hitching Road Production

Hitched for the Holidays

True love sometimes starts with a little white lie

Starring Joseph Lawrence, Emily Hampshire and Marilu Henner

It's bad enough to have to spend the holidays alone – but alone with the family? Never. Again. Continuously pestered about the lack of a significant other, both Rob Marino and Julie Green have each decided to find a temporary, commitment-free holiday escort. A few days before Christmas, they meet. And this is where the trouble starts: Julie doesn't even have Christmas; she's Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah. Rob, meanwhile, comes from a traditional Christian family that practically owns shares in Christmas cheer. Both Julie and Rob are convinced they'll sweep through the minefield of cultural differences without damage. But the more their families become enchanted by the cute couple, the harder it becomes for Rob and Julie to envisage the planned “break-up” after the holiday season. Especially when Rob's dying grandma finds the strength to carry on, and Julie's family is so proud that their daughter found a nice young man to marry... By New Year's Eve, the “little white lies” have become a massive mountain of deceit that threatens to crush not only themselves and their families, but also the true love that has long since taken hold of their hearts...