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Home for the Holidays

Title: Home for the Holidays
Original title: Zimtstern und Halbmond
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Robert Atzorn
Gundi Ellert
Lisa Maria Potthoff
Omar El-Saeidi
Sigi Zimmerschied
Ramin Yazdani
Directed by: Matthias Steurer
Produced by: Claussen + Wöbke + Putz Filmproduktion with ARD Degeto in association with Beta
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Home for the Holidays

Merry Christmas and Salam Aleikum!

Lisbeth and Gottfried have always prided themselves on their tolerance, and they've also brought up their daughter Barbara to be an open, liberal-minded young woman. Their presumed open-mindedness is put to the test when Barbara shows up on Christmas Eve with the man she loves: Kamal, a Palestinian Muslim from Bethlehem. Gottfried's first thought is: A terrorist in the family! This is definitely taking liberalism too far! While Lisbeth tries to find some positive “USPs” in the young man, Gottfried rolls out the big guns to chase the intruder back to his “oil and camels” – he's not getting Gottfried's little girl!

The situation further deteriorates when Barbara announces that she's pregnant, and that Kamal is moving in with her. The culture clash soon engulfs Barbara herself, who's upset that Kamal asked Gottfried for her hand in marriage, but didn't bother to ask her. The chaos comes to a head when Kamal's family arrives from Palestine and insists that an Imam marry the couple. Lisbeth wants a Catholic priest, or else… After much screaming and finger-pointing, it is Gottfried himself who saves the situation and his daughter's happiness with a clever trick that reconciles the parents and their children, as well as a bride and a groom who will raise their offspring with tolerance, in two cultures.