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Hunt for the Bosses

Title: Hunt for the Bosses
Original title: Die Spur der Mörder
Format: two hours, HD
Verena Altenberger (COLD HELL)
Ronald Kukulies
Joachim Król (RUN LOLA RUN)
Marie-Lou Sellem
Stefano Viali
Directed by: Urs Egger
Produced by: Lailaps Pictures
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Hunt for the Bosses

Inspired by true events: A mass murder leads homicide detective Ingo Thiel (Heino Ferch) and his colleague from Interpol all the way to Italy as they struggle to bring the true culprits – the mafia bosses – to justice.

The silence of an autumn night in a German city is brutally broken when five Italians are shot in front of their restaurant by two killers. With the murders being the result of a brutal feud between two mafia clans, and having never seen such mayhem, Ingo Thiel and his team at the homicide department enlist the help of Italian Interpol detective Clara Orlando. And Sofia, one of the surviving family members faces the police, who try to make her talk, and her father, a mafia boss on the run. As the investigation leads to Italy, Ingo has to face the fact that the Italian authorities do not want to cooperate – but why? Can they not only find the killers but also bring the heads of the mafia to justice?