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Title: Imperial
Original title: Grand Hotel Imperial
Format: 12 x one hour, HD
Starring: Eugenio Franceschini
Valentina Bellè
Andrea Bosca
Marion Mitterhammer
Dario Aita
Flavio Furno
Francesca Agostini
Ugo Dighero
Emanuela Grimalda
Directed by: Luca Ribuoli
Produced by: Cattleya in co-production with Beta in association with RAI Fiction
Episode 1 
Episode 2 


Grandeur and glamour, secrets and sins

Handsome young Pietro Neri believes that his sister – a maid at the imperial Hotel – has been murdered there. To find the culprit, Pietro infiltrates himself into the hotel staff, where his life takes a totally unexpected and challenging turn. This is not solely due to the hunt for an alleged killer, but also to the ravishingly beautiful young Adele Alibrandi, whom he met upon arriving at the hotel. Never before was he swept off his feet like this, and never before has the young woman been so enchanted by a young man's eloquence and attentions... Under normal circumstances, the two could fall in love and live happily ever after. But in 1905, in the conservative society of the fin-de-siècle, Adele must marry within her stand, which definitely excludes Pietro. For Adele is the daughter of Donna Vittoria Alibrandi, the owner of the most magnificent luxury hotel in the Alps – and a woman determined to keep her and her family's secrets and lies, intrigues and crimes hidden far from the inquisitive eyes of her enemies.


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