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In Love with Masuria

Title: In Love with Masuria
Original title: Verliebt in Masuren
Format: two hours, HD
Lina Wendel
Kasia Borek
Alexander Khuon
Isabell Polak
Directed by: Bruno Grass
Produced by: Ziegler Film for ARD Degeto
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In Love with Masuria

Not a match – “Golden Girl” Roza is assigned to look after grumpy widower Kurt. When Roza has to take Kurt home with her to beautiful Masuria, they fall in love against all odds.

Witty, beautiful divorcee Roza loves her home Masuria, the “Baltic Lake District”. But when she is called to Hamburg to help widowed ex-captain Kurt after an accident, she accepts. The pay is good. Yet they are truly mismatch and both count the days until she'll leave for the wedding of her daughter Eva. When her replacement doesn't show up and Kurt's family refuses to help him, she takes him with her to Masuria. There, Roza discovers that Kurt not only grew up in her hometown but that his wife's passing is tragically connected to it. At the same time Roza ignores that Eva, who confides in Kurt, has secrets from her. Helping each other through these bad patches, they realize that even late in life, love can overcome everything.