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Irish Crime

Title: Irish Crime
Original title: Irland Krimis
Format: 4 x two hours, HD
Starring: Désirée Nosbusch
Rafael Gareisen
Mercedes Müller
Vincent Walsh
Declan Conlon
Directed by: Züli Aladag
Produced by: good friends Filmproduktion for ARD Degeto
Fallen Girls 
The Girl at the Shore 

Irish Crime

Murder in Galway

For years, Cathrin worked as a criminal psychologist, often on cases together with her husband Liam, a police officer. But one day ten years ago, Liam just vanished from the face of the earth. It took all of Cathrin's strength and the support of her son Paul to get back on her feet after her emotional collapse and fall into alcoholism. Working private practice ever since, she is thrown back into her old life when Liam's remains are found in a mass grave of dead children as a wide-ranging conspiracy is uncovered. Also, some of her clients seem to be connected to current criminal cases and Cathrin finds herself increasingly drawn back into assisting the Galway police, and they welcome her back with open arms. But when old agonies resurface, Cathrin is determined to uncover the truth...