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Title: K-Files
Original title: Gefangen – Der Fall K.
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Jan Josef Liefers (THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX)
Julia Koschitz (TOUR DE FORCE)
Thomas Huber
Marcus Grüsser
Thomas Limpinsel
Stephan Schad
Francis Fulton-Smith
Directed by: Hans Steinbichler (MY MOTHER, MY BRIDE AND I)
Produced by: Zeitsprung Pictures in co-production with ZDF and ARTE
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Sebastian is accused of physical abuse, and conveniently locked away in a mental asylum. But he won't give in and fights to regain his freedom.

Elke and Sebastian K. have been happily married for ten years. Or so it seems, until she, a financial advisor, gets involved in some criminal money laundering. Sebastian desperately urges her to quit, but Elke, intoxicated by life in the fast lane, files for divorce and, to his astonishment, accuses him of physical abuse. Confirmed at trial by a succession of psychiatric witnesses, whom he has never met – he is pronounced a threat to society and his nightmare begins. Confined to a mental institution, where no one will ever find out what he knows. With no release in sight. Alone against insurmountable odds, he stands up to the system and fights for his rights, ultimately managing to generate attention in the outside world. But will that be enough to secure his freedom?