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Killer Flood

Title: Killer Flood
Original title: Killer Flood
Format: two hours
Bruce Boxleitner (TRON, Heroes, Babylon 5)
Directed by: Doug Campbell
Produced by: Edgewood Entertainment
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Killer Flood

The Day the dam broke.

The people of Rutland, Montana sleep soundly at night knowing their town is protected by the 600 feet and 4.5 tons of concrete that forms the Rankin Dam. Yet torrential rains and rising reservoirs are creating pressure which may rip through the dam and put the entire town in jeopardy.

After an on-site accident results in the death of an engineer, suspicions arise that the dam might not be structurally sound. No one is more skeptical than David Arthur Powell (Joe Lando), the original architect of Rankin Dam. Before the structure was finished, David was framed by the construction company president Jordan Walker (Bruce Boxleitner), fired from the job and exiled from town.

Upon his return to Rutland, David must act swiftly to warn the townspeople of the dangerous dam before it breaks. He needs to enlist the help of the two people who trust him the least: City Councilwoman Natalie Powell (Michele Greene) and 17-year old architect prodigy Garth Powell (Matthew Ewald) —the wife and son he left behind.

With less than three hours left before the dam crumbles, Natalie calls for an emergency evacuation of Rutland. She is stopped by Jordan Walker who claims his dam is sound and is concerned more for his reputation with investors than the innocent lives of thousands.

David and Garth decide to take matters into their own hands, hatching a risky plan to place high-powered explosives against an aqueduct wall to channel water away from the weakening dam. The plan goes horribly wrong, trapping the two inside the structure moments before it bursts. Now they must find a way to escape and race for higher ground or become washed away in the wake of the flash flood.