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Killing the Father

Title: Killing the Father
Original title: Matar al Padre
Format: 4 x one hour, HD
Starring: Gonzalo Castro
Paulina Garcia
Marcel Borras
Greta Fernandez
Directed by: Mar Coll
Produced by: Movistar+ in collaboration with Escándolo Films
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 4 

Killing the Father

A loving but obsessive family father of two, Jacobo's efforts to protect and guide his children almost cost his wife Isabel and kids their sanity – and his own!

Jacobo Vidal, an authoritarian, obsessive lawyer at work and at home, wants to have control over all areas of his life and those around him – especially his children Valeria and Tomás. In the early 90's in prosperous, post-Olympic Barcelona, he has no qualms about overcoming any obstacles that may arise. Anything to fit the well-being of his family to his vision of life. But fifteen years later, in the economic crisis, Jacobo realizes that things didn't go as planned. His wife Isabel has thrown him out of the house, his son has given himself to alternative therapies, his daughter wants to live away from him and, on top of it all, he is ruined and homeless. No wonder he finally begins to question his way of seeing life… A darkly funny portrait of how fatherly love can go so utterly wrong.

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“The latest miracle television has been capable of” (El Mundo)