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Title: King
Original title: King
Format: 21 x one hour, HD
Starring: Amy Price-Francis (The Cleaner, 24 - Twenty Four)
Alan Van Sprang (Immortals, The Tudors)
Gabriel Hogan (Heartland)
Directed by: Clark Johnson
Jerry Ciccoritti
Produced by: An Indian Grove Productions Ltd. For Global / Showcase in association with Beta


Making of 


SCREENER: Season 1, Episode 1
Lori Gilbert 
SCREENER: Season 1, Episode 3
Amanda Jacobs 
SCREENER: Season 1, Episode 5
Farah Elliot 
SCREENER: Season 1, Episode 7
Cameron Bell 

„...."King" is wittier and more interesting than shows like „White Collar" or „Rizzoli & Isles""
NY Times, July 4th 2013


Sergeant Jess King survived eight years in Homicide, three motorcycle accidents, two marriages and every shoe style since the 90s. Will she survive her new job as head of the Major Crimes Task Force?

Sergeant Detective Jessica King – Jess for short – survived eight years in Homicide, three motorcycle accidents, two marriages and every shoe style since the 90s. Will she survive her new job as head of the Major Crimes Task Force? Jess is a powerhouse and a force of nature, a cop who sees things that everyone else misses. She says what she thinks, and she never stops thinking – about a crime scene, about evidence, about the motivations of the suspects. Professionally and in private, Jess faces two challenges: to save her third marriage and to prove that she's the best cop in town.

Jess' unit takes over cases already in progress: murder, rape, robbery, gang violence, serial crime – the most volatile and challenging cases that the ordinary police force has failed to solve. Jess can take over any case in the city, whether the original investigating officers want her to or not. She gets to work with a different squad in every case – from the elite Homicide department to the intimidating hulks of Hold-Up, and from the rock-star heroes of the Drug Squad to the shadowy denizens of Organized Crime.

“King” keeps throwing curve balls at its tough-talking protagonist, forcing her to make choices in her marriage with fellow cop Danny from the Guns and Gangs squad, and to question her attraction to her darkly brooding partner Derek Spears. The show moves, but it's not jumpy; it's emotional, but not sentimental; it's witty, but bitingly so; it's got action and interaction between Jess and the other protagonists.

Press Quotes

„….“King“ is wittier and more interesting than shows like „White Collar“ or „Rizzoli & Isles””
NY Times, July 4th 2013

Queen of KING. Amy Price-Francis takes the lead in fantastic Showcase drama.
(TV Guide Canada)

KING star pulls off daunting role.
(Toronto Sun)

An urban whodunit that offers a distinctively female point of view in the form of lead investigator and all-around fireball, Jessica King.
(Canadian Press)

Hot and Bothered: Amy Price-Francis is a sexy detective on King.
(Globe and Mail)

Amy Price-Francis is the new hot cop on the beat. As the title character on the Canadian-made crime drama KING, the sultry actress plays it tough and sexy as a homicide detective with something to prove- to her colleagues and herself.
(Globe and Mail)

This Canadian cop show is high-octane in every way. It's slick, surefooted crime drama with special emphasis on the female perspective.
(Globe and Mail)

The much-married and feisty KING is well played by Price-Francis and it sure is a juicy role. The series is ideal weekend crime-story entertainment, though without many surprises to send the conventional plotlines off track.
(Globe and Mail)

    Ovation TV, America's only arts network, in an effort to bolster its mystery and drama programming slate, has signed a deal with Beta Film for linear and AVOD rights of four Canadian mystery and drama series...

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  • Beta's KING delivers strong and stable ratings in Germany

    Detective Jessica King and her Major Crimes Task Force have delivered strong and stable ratings in Germany, beating US Series on major channels many times.