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Kiss At Pine Lake

Title: Kiss At Pine Lake
Original title: Kiss At Pine Lake
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Mia Kirshner (VAMPIRE DIARIES, 24)
Barry Watson (7th HEAVEN, OCEAN'S ELEVEN)
Matty Finochio
Victoria Bidewell
Directed by: Michael Scott
Produced by: Produced by Pine Road Productions Ltd for Hallmark Channel US in association with Beta
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Kiss At Pine Lake

Sometimes it takes 15 years for the first kiss

Their kiss was not to be. Luke and Zoe, both around 15, have known each other for 7 years now from summer camp at Pine Lake. But then come the last summer-camp holidays, and it's time for the budding young lovers to bid one another farewell – just one heartbeat away from a kiss.

It's now fifteen years later, and Luke has become a millionaire who anonymously pours his money into worthy causes, which unfailingly brings his one-time summer-camp sidekick and present-day business manager Tommy to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Luke's current pet project is the purchase of Pine Lake Camp, which means a lot to Luke: fun, nature, friendship and his first romantic feelings. He's determined to get the dilapidated camp back in shape and make it the fun place it was in his youth.

But Pine Lake is also on the mind of Zoe, who works for an high-powered investment group intent on buying Pine Lake to build a wellness resort there. The charming and persuasive Zoe is sent to convince the owner to sell – but when she finds out it's Luke, her company loyalty begins to waver. Realizing how much the camp means to Luke – and how much she is a part of this – Zoe can't bring herself to telling Luke why she's really come.

When Luke finds out, he feels betrayed, and the tender feelings that had taken hold of Luke and Zoe once again are in danger of being shattered. Luckily, Zoe's best friend and former campmate Erika suddenly arrives on the scene. She and Luke's pal Tommy not only revive their one-time secret crush on each other, but also give Zoe a nudge in the right direction.