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Kiss the Chef!

Title: Kiss the Chef!
Original title: Kiss the Chef!
Format: 4 x two hours, HD
Starring: Diana Ampft
Stephan Luca
Margarita Broich
Filip Peeters
Arijana Antunovic
Directed by: Jurij Neumann
Produced by: Bantry Bay for ARD Degeto
Part 1 
Part 2 

Kiss the Chef!

Love doesn't always stick to the recipe.

When a gourmet guide mistakes a high-class restaurant with a home-style eatery just because they share the same name, both owners are shocked. Now former star chef Rufus loses his prestigious status and clients, while down-to-earth Toni is afraid to scare offs her working-class regulars due to a flood of snooty foodies. To stir up the public interest, Rufus tries to butter off Toni to get her to participate in a cook-off – which no doubt will be humiliating for her! But when Toni starts to fall for his charms, Rufus starts to notice that stars are not the only thing worth fighting for. Because love doesn't always stick to the recipe and there's plenty of ways to reach for the stars!