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Title: Kluftinger
Original title: Kluftinger
Format: 5 x two hours, HD
Starring: Herbert Knaup (RUN LOLA RUN, THE LIVES OF OTHERS)
Jockel Tschiersch
Johannes Allmayer (VINCENT WANTS TO SEA)
Hubert Mulzer
Katharina Spiering
Bernhard Schütz
Directed by: Rainer Kaufmann
Lars Montag
Produced by: H & V Entertainment for ARD Degeto
A Muddy Water Tale 
A Heartbreaking Tale 
A Patron Saint Tale 


Murderous Mountain Mysteries

The inhabitants of rural Allgovia are rugged, tidy and well-informed. Among the less-informed is Homicide Detective Kluftinger, who's usually a few steps behind his colleagues and, regrettably, behind the murderer as well. Although he is wary of newfangled technology, Kluftinger is open to yoga and pork sandwiches – just what he needs to get the inner peace to solve his crimes. And as far as his appearance is concerned, one could call him “mountain-style Columbo,” a tasteful mix of relaxed and neglected. To be truthful, it's better to keep him away from larger gatherings where he might spend most of the time with his foot in his mouth.

Crime in this part of the woods is often still low-key, with jealousy, revenge and greed topping the list of homicide motives. With his wife and his colleague Miss Henske, Kluftinger can be disarmingly honest and sensitive, ideal for softening his rough edges and for obtaining the information he needs from the tight-lipped locals. Though he's naturally inquisitive, he's not always on the ball. But at least he can count on Miss Henske, whose feminine intuition often makes the difference between clue and clueless.