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LasseMaja's Detective Agency

Title: LasseMaja's Detective Agency
Original title: LasseMajas Detektivbyra
Format: 12 x 28 minutes
Starring: Tomas Norström
Matilda Grahn
Teodor Runsiö
Pia Johansson
Directed by: Henrik Georgsson
Produced by: Produced by AB Svensk Filmindustri (SF)
and Sveriges Television (SVT) in
association with Beta Film and NRK
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LasseMaja's Detective Agency

Small town troublemakers find their match in two young private eyes

Valleby is a picturesque little town, with a little town square, a little café, a little old theater, and two little private investigators: Lasse and Maja, both about 10. The two best friends have opened "LasseMaja's Detective Agency" and on their sign one can read: "No job too big or too small - Lost wallets, runaway cats - Low prices (+ tax)." Now they're waiting for clients. But Christmas is coming and who needs detectives at this time of year? Even the police chief has little to do. In fact, he has decided to put on a Nativity play in the town's old theater, in which all the townspeople will participate. Suddenly, odd things start to happen in Valleby. The local café is robbed, the town is haunted by the curse of a living mummy, a painting is stolen from the museum, and priceless diamonds disappear from a jewelry shop... Finally, even the police chief disappears. For Lasse and Maja, it's the beginning of a December to remember...