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Lightning: Bolts Of Destruction

Title: Lightning: Bolts Of Destruction
Original title: Lightning: Bolts of Destruction
Format: two hours
Starring: Joanna Pacula (MONK, THE CUTTER)
Nick Mancuso
Directed by: Brenton Spencer
Produced by: Legacy Filmworks

Lightning: Bolts Of Destruction

When the earth is enveloped by a deadly global lightning storm, a family of unlikely heroes must pull together and heal themselves in the process.

Valery Landis (Joanna Pacula) is a local university researcher specializing in electrical storms who notices patterns in similar storm activity throughout the world. With her expertise, she deduces the weather has been caused by a level of sunspots the Earth has not seen for over 2 million years. Through a series of controversial experiments, Valery discovers this global lightning phenomenon will quickly intensify and merge into a single planetary super-storm… one powerful enough to dramatically alter the world's atmosphere and usher in a new Ice Age.

Valery, with help from her husband Mark (Ken Tremblett) and her brilliant 15-year old son Jeremy (Noel Fisher), devises a plan to generate a massive electromagnetic wave that would temporarily reverse the Earth's polarity and negate the electrical storms. After experts and politicians deem the plan too risky, the Landis family decides they must take matters into their own hands and divert the U.S. military, dodge the bolts of lightning and race to save the future of civilization from an electrical Armageddon. Lightning: Bolts of Destruction is a riveting thriller depicting man vs. Mother Nature.