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Lightning: Fire from the Sky

Title: Lightning: Fire from the Sky
Original title: Lightning: Fire from the Sky
Format: two hours
Starring: Jon Schneider
Michele Green
Stacy Keach
Directed by: David Giancola
Produced by: Edgewood Entertainment
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Lightning: Fire from the Sky

Thunder rolls as a violent storm speeds across the Midwest. Crack! A bolt of white-hot lightning rockets from the clouds, splitting a tree and launching an orange fireball towards the sky!

Three hundred miles away, in Rutland, Missouri, fourteen year old Eric Dobbs (Jesse Eisenberg) stays up late tracking the weather on his computer. Alone in his room, watching storms dance across the screen, Eric discovers an amazing, rare weather pattern is about to unfold in the skies over Rutland. It appears as if two giant storms are on a catastrophic collision course, set to meet over his hometown! From his calculations, Eric believes that the force of the storm could destroy everything in Rutland!

But the storm is not the only threat to the small town. A greedy land developer, Bart Hansen (Stacy Keach) has made a deal with the mayor Sylvia Scott (Barbara Crampton) that could suck the life from Rutland, while making them both rich. As Bart pushes towards the completion of his project, Eric's father, Sheriff Tom Dobbs (John Schneider), tries to keep peace as protesters picket the construction site.

When the National Weather Service dismisses Eric's findings, the boy turns to his father. Eric's dad hasn't had much time for his son since the death of Eric's brother two years ago, and considering the mess he has on his hands, he's still much too busy to deal with Eric's crazy ideas.

That is until the lightning starts. A powerful blast strikes the local high school, ripping the roof to shreds! A violent bolt shocks the power plant, plunging the town into darkness. As rain pours, streaks of supercharged electricity burst from the sky, ripping into cars, homes and stores, igniting everything they strike!

With fires raging, waters rising, and the entire town under attack, Eric hatches a daring plan to stop the storm. In a race against time and the elements, Eric and his father have one chance to save the town from total destruction.