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Like Me

Title: Like Me
Original title: Lik meg
Format: 26 x 10 minutes, HD
Starring: Eline Aanstad
Jenny Evensen
Andrea Lynne
Sana Omar
Mina Stenseth
Yasmin Tobiassen
Abdullah Ouro Agouda
Directed by: Anne Wisløff
Tine Grønneberg
Produced by: NRK Super




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Like Me

A new web drama series that combines elements of social media, messages and live-action drama to tell a believable story about exclusion and bullying with a new kid as main character each season.

What is exclusion really like? A look, a comment, the lack of likes, a snap group you were not included or a birthday party you were not invited to: bullying is often invisible. Far too many kids and teens experience it each and every day. When her best friend Arin is welcomed into a friend group of popular girls, her best friend Oda is left increasingly isolated. By showing both perspectives, the victim's and of those doing the exclusion, kids will be able to relate to similar situations and see how they are amplified by social media.