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Linus And Friends

Title: Linus And Friends
Original title: Linus i Svingen
Format: 30 x 27 minutes, HD
Starring: Jakob Borgen
Sebastian Warholm
Ina Svenningdal
Yvonne Johnsrud
Anders Mordal
Benedikte Lindbeck
Directed by: Atle Knudsen
Produced by: NRK super

Linus And Friends

The charming adventures about the important things in life.

Linus lives in Svingen, a small village in Norway, with his mother, father and little sister Klara. Linus sees all of the things positively. He's full of life and zest, and together with his friends Nure, Akaya and ├ůsa, he loves to roam through the countryside and together they have fun finding adventures.

They go fishing to feed the tame duck Biceps, but unfortunately Nure falls in the water. They play being detectives but unluckily Biceps goes missing, and they hide a sheep to save it from being slaughtered. They also have competitions, and play football with the neighboring teams. They're not too happy with their coach, however, who happens to be Linus' father Marvin. Luckily they find a substitute and win the cup. A particularly sensational event in the village is a wedding, with lots of guests, fun and games.

Linus claims he wants to marry all his friends when he grows up - because marriage means that you promise everlasting friendship! And what could be more precious than being with your friends for ever and ever!