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Little Dodo

Title: Little Dodo
Original title: Kleiner Dodo
Format: 26 x 5 minutes
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Thilo von Rothkirch
Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Produced by: Rothkirch/Cartoon Film in co-production with WDR, MaBo Filmproduktions GmbH & Co KG and Leonhard Graf Rothkirch
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Little Dodo

He keeps the jungle hopping!

What a wondrous world it is when there's something new to discover every day, and when so many things still have no names! Cocky little orangutan Dodo loves to explore the world around him. The only thing is, he ends up doing it his special way! Which means a lot of head-shaking from his jungle neighbors. Like when he finds a wooden "thingy" with strings that makes funny noises when you rub a bow against it. After driving everyone crazy with it, Dodo actually starts making music! Old orangutan Darwin also has one of those "thingies" - but he calls it a "violin" - among the many objects he collected while living among humans. Dodo and his best friend Patna, a rhino girl, love to play with these strange objects, for which they keep finding imaginative uses? Whenever Dodo and Patna are around, no one is safe from their clever ideas and imaginative projects. For them, it's all part of that "thingy" called "growing up",,,

Based on the popular children's books "Little Dodo" by Hans de Beer and Serena Ceccerini de Beer, "Little Dodo" introduces its target audience to an exciting jungle world whose family and social structures are familiar to all children. From the makers of the hit animation films "The Little Polar Bear" and "Laura's Star," the series weaves easily graspable characters and light-hearted humor into magical tales that take children on an exciting journey to an exotic world!